This Is Not A Holiday!

The Mastery is a ‘total immersion training week’. It is a fully tailor-made training week designed specifically to bridge the gap between your current skills and your next aspiration. The aim is to improve your yachting competence, regardless of your existing level and raise you to your next height of proficiency. There will be little holiday-time as we are going to push you hard with information and exercises, all to make you achieve mastery!

Tailor-made for you

We will begin with having an in-depth conversation with you and design a week made-to-order for you. During the week, the yacht might return to its home harbour instead of visiting a new destination each evening, in order to fit with the ample training content of the week. If possible, both of us will available in order to experience different styles of teaching.

What's included?

You get (and get to make) breakfast, lunch and snacks during the week. If we anchor off overnight, dinner on board will be provided for as well. Bedding and blankets are included but your own sleeping bag is recommended. Instructor's fee is included (come on, it's us!), port fee and fuel is also included in the price.

Bring your own thermals, fleece, foul weather gear, sleeping bag, towel and any navigational- or saily equipment that you want, along with your notepad and set of pens.

Where do we go?

As the Immersion Training & Mastery week is tailor-made for you and focuses on your progress in yachting, there is no set itinerary. Quite often, we might come back to the home harbour in order to fit in as much training and exercises as possible.

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Dates, Prices & Yachts

    We are working on finding and obtaining a yacht that we believe would be suitable, appropriate and indeed "perfect" for this type of trip.

    Until we acquire this yacht ourselves, we are in close contact with well established charter companies and will be able to offer this trip with a suitable yacht for a heavily discounted price.

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