Greek Winter Sailing

Get away from the dark, drizzle and cold and exchange your winter 'blues' for some exciting sailing action! Join us for an adventurous sailing trip in Greece during winter (better conditions than northern Europe guaranteed!)

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Adventure trips / Mile building

Get the proper sailing adventure of a 3-6 day non-stop mile-building journey across to various destinations. This is the stuff that memories, stories (and heroes) are made of!

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Immersion Training & Mastery

Imagine to dramatically improve your yachting competence, regardless of your existing level and to achieve the next height of proficiency. We are both commercially endorsed instructors and we will design a week made-to-order specifically for your ambitions. Our sincere involvement of your development and the great progress you will make, you can take pride when you have achieved Mastery!

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Babes on Board

Calling all ladies: Come sailing with The Dutchess! A trip exclusively with an all female crew, either as a fun charter or a proper training week. This trip is for every lady, no age limit is set. Our main goal is to give ladies more confidence and pleasure at taking charge on a boat.

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Our expertise

Ok, so that came across a bit high-and-mighty. However we would be more than happy to offer our yachting/sailing skills for almost whatever boating need you have. From Skipper/Crew for charter, flotilla, racing and delivery, to RYA instructing or unofficial lessons or even maintenance, sail repairs and similar. Read more about us here (including CV) and get in touch to discuss a solution!

Skipper + Host charter

Regardless if you want to go full luxury or just have a chilled out fun time on the water, we will do our utmost to accommodate your desire. With background in various yachting fields and in the hospitality industry, we are happy to pamper you on your holiday! Check out some pictures here and get in touch with us to discuss your dream holiday!

Delivery Solution

For delivery businesses and private boats alike, we can offer a very cost effective delivery solution, whilst maintaining the industry's high quality, standard and safety. Read more about our background and experience here (including CV) and get in touch to discuss a delivery solution that will suit your needs!

Recycled Sail Bags

Admit it, bags made out of laminate sail material just looks absolutely awesome! Get your own branded Dutchess bag, totally unique and hand made by Skipper Swede himself! And if you donate your sail, you get a bag (or any other item) for free!

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Support The Dutchess!

Get some really cool gear ranging from t-shirts, caps, mugs and much more, all with the Dutchess logo and some nautical-inspired artwork (what else!). It supports what we do, whilst making you look really cool!

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Sail Training Videos

We love sailing and want everyone else to enjoy it just as much. So we've put together a free YouTube suite of sail training videos where you can get some good tips, tricks and knowledge about anything from knots to boat handling.

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