Exclusively for the ladies!

The Babes on Board trip is entirely dedicated to the ladies and our main goal is to give you more pleasure at performing duties and taking charge on a boat.

The dynamic is different with an all-female crew so regular yachting (and everyday-life) issues such as efficient communication and personal capability is addressed throughout the week. It is for example a great misconception that men can do jobs on a boat better because of their physical strength as 80% is technique and only 20% is muscle and it’s all about finding the correct way of doing the job.

This is a great week out where you will come back with a set of skills and knowledge that will make the boys at home bewildered with envy!

Confidently in charge!

Lots of women can be a bit nervous taking charge of the boat, especially because of the aggressively male-oriented industry. Just how often do you get to see a woman moor up a yacht in a busy harbour? It is also very common on training courses that female students feel intimidated and are shoved aside by the male instructor and other male students. Those situations produce neither a fun holiday experience, nor a good learning environment. We aim to change this outdated part of the yachting culture and by coming out for a week with Babes on Board will give you the chance to get the techniques, knowledge and confidence to be a respected skipper or crew of a yacht.

What's included?

You get (and make) breakfast, lunch and dinner +snacks during the trip. Bedding and blankets are included but your own sleeping bag is recommended. Skipper's fee is included (You get the Dutchess herself; Skipper Swede is left ashore...!), port fee and fuel is also included in the price.

Bring your own thermals, fleece, foul weather gear, sleeping bag, towel and your sense of adventure!

Where do we go?

Where the wind takes us! Seriously though, if the week is focused on training, the route is set to match. It could be that we come back to the same harbour in the evening, simply because we want to fill our day with practice and exercises rather than covering distances. If the week is aimed towards a fun exploration trip, we’ll be sure to add destinations that are of interest for everything ranging from historical sites, restaurants and bars, shopping and chillaxing!

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Dates, Prices & Yachts

    We are working on finding and obtaining a yacht that we believe would be suitable, appropriate and indeed "perfect" for this type of trip.

    Until we acquire this yacht ourselves, we are in close contact with well established charter companies and will be able to offer this trip with a suitable yacht for a heavily discounted price.

    Get in touch with us today for more information!