Vision and Values of the Dutchess

As for every company and organisation, we also have a vision for The Dutchess and few core values which we would like to share with you.

Sailing is Passion

We live it. It’s saturating every aspect of our lives. Sailing is our world. Because of our enormous passion, we want to connect with you, inspire you and excite you about all the beautiful aspects and wonders of sailing. We hope we can, through our own passion, motivate you to expand in your own sailing world.

Sailing is Equality and Respect

  • Sailing is, and should be, for everyone. Without discrimination and with total equality and respect.
  • The boat does not care about gender, race, colour, creed, political views, religious views or any other of the things that so often sets us humans apart. Neither does the ocean, and neither does the wind. The boat and the elements she transverses, cares about getting from A to B as efficiently as possible, while joyfully being in her elements. So should we.
  • We humans are all different and have different qualities. But our goal still remains; to satisfy our boats needs. Therefore it’s about finding the right person for the job, to train to be better in areas we are weak and to respect each other’s progress towards this goal.
  • The yachting culture is slowly changing for the better in this and we are also determined to show that no matter who you are or what you are, if you want to sail, there is an opportunity to sail with us!

  • Sailing is Respecting Nature

    The Ocean, the Wind and indeed Mother Earth herself is providing the environment where we can enjoy exercising our passion. We must do as much as we can not to pollute, destroy or harm that environment and, if possible, strive to make it better.

    Outdo yourself. Deliver Quality

    Delivering services and products at the highest standard of quality we can reach, is one of the main priorities for the Dutchess. We take a great pride in providing services and products that we are ourselves satisfied with.

    Learning, teaching. Improve yourself, pass it on

  • “You are never too old or to knowledgeable to learn something new”. The day we ourselves stop learning and stop improving, is the day when it’s time to throw in the towel.
  • “Sharing is caring”. As much as we have learned from others, we must aspire, even more, to share and pass on our knowledge and experience to others.
  • “Learn, without barriers in a calm and exciting way”. No matter the level of competence, previous experience or abilities, we strive to give the opportunity to for anyone to master skills in a relaxed and inspiring setting.
  • “Be supportive and offer guidance”. We seek the potential in every individual and try to bring out the best in them.
  • “Inspiration through motivation and guidance”. We do our utmost to motivate and guide in the proper way for each individual, regardless of previous level of competence or experience. From the eager beginner to the salty sea dog with numerous miles under the belt, we try to adapt to that individuals’ level and encourage them towards improving their skills.
  • “Respectfully challenging to improve skills”. Everyone has their own needs, so we aspire to gently and politely provoke people to develop their competence and proficiency in various areas. For learning new skills, you often must step out of your comfort zone, but there is a fine line of going too far or not far enough. Whatever the individuals needs are, we try to provide for them and make the learning experience as comfortably challenging as needed.

  • Enjoy!

    • Have some fun! That is what the passion for sailing is all about!