Projects, goals and aspirations

Here are some of the exciting things on our horizon.

The Dutchess

We are in the process of creating The Dutchess from the foundation and up! As with any ambitious entrepeneur, we have some seriously big plans for The Dutchess and aim to offer all kinds of life-changing, mind-blowing and downright cool services and products to you.

And as with any ambitious entrepeneur, we also realise that one has to start somewhere and therefore some of this eye-popping stuff has been put on hold for now. Rest assured though, when The Dutchess is in proud possesion of a 50ft+ racer/cruiser you will be able to tag along on some amazing trips across various ponds, as we have this and many other exciting sailing adventures in mind. How about Immersion training weeks, Babes On Board (ladies only), Horizon Adventure trips, or just a chilled out cruise exploring the Caribbean or Greek sea and islands in style whilst being pampered with all-inclusive service.

It's all in the pipeline and we are working hard to offer the above (and more) in the near future. For now, we are pleased to offer our own professionalism, skills, expertese and awesome sense of humor (!) for your various yachting needs.

Gear and products

We are very excited to offer our different gear and products to you. We are constantly creating new and exquisite artwork with accompanying nautical expressions that you will be able to have on your mug, t-shirt, phone cover or other item of your choice.

Another ongoing project is our range of sail-material products, all hand-made personally by us and and exclusive in production, meaning that no item is exactly like the other. New and groovy products are being put together as material is procured so stay posted on our FaceBook page when something has been added to the collection.

We are quite proud of these creations, and we also hope that you will like them as much as we do. After all, we like to think that these items complies fully with Skipper Swede's first rule of sailing:

"Look cool!"

Red Sparrow

Skipper Swedes little boat has a lot of history to it and will hopefully make more stories for herself in the future. Apparently the first model ever produced, she spent her early life in the Caribbean joining multiple races. Hurricane Earl took her for a slightly disasterous spin in 2010 and she was later shipped to Greece where she is currently in the boat yard, undergoing repairs and refurbishing. The topsides, hull and superstructure needs to be painted, keel to be rebuilt, new rigging to be installed and interior to be totally upgraded.

The plan is to have a lot of fun with the boat, to participate in races under The Dutchess flag and to do some extreme adventure sailing as well, potentially even crossing the pond. We also hope to offer race training- and extreme sailing trips with her. It's a long-term project and we'll try to keep you updated of the progress as we go along!


Both of us are commercially certified Yachtmaster Ocean (as of 2020) and YachtMaster Instructors (as of 2018) under the RYA. In the future we aspire to move on towards specialized instructors' certificates (diesel, first aid etc) and of course STCW Masters certifications. We hope to take these certifications as soon as work and time permits.

Ultimate challenges

Participating in the Ocean race, previously known as Volvo Ocean race, previously known as Whitbread, has been a life long dream for both of us. We applied for the edition starting in 2017, however, considering the huge amount of applications, neither of us were selected. This has pushed us to work even harder and up our game to ocean racing level. VOR, Route du Rhum, Barcelona Race and even Vendee Globe are all on our horizon and we are enthusiastic to join in a future race!