What The Dutchess is all about

"Sailing is not just a passion, it's a way of life"

Our motto truly sums up what The Dutchess is all about. We love everything that has to do with the ocean and with boats. We eat, sleep and breathe sailing. It’s our work and our livelihood, our art and our sport. It is our past, present and future. It is an integral part of who we are as people and rooted in our way of life.

Sailing is not just a thing we go out and do once in a while - We LIVE it!

The Dutchess is a way for us to connect with you. We want to share our enormous passion for sailing, boats and the ocean with you. We want to inspire you and excite you by showing you parts of our life of sailing. We hope that you will also fall in love with sailing and share our affection for it.

The Dutchess is also a way for us to share our knowledge and experience. It is a way to give something back to the sailing world, to help others to learn more, to grow and to improve skills. It is a way for us to share the fun and excitement of being out on the water and living the adventure.

The Dutchess is a way for us to be able to offer different services and products, as well as to create fun and exciting projects. From adventure cruises and mile-building trips, to yacht delivery and RYA instructing, from sail canvas bags to sail training videos, from Red Sparrow Racing to helping out in the optimist club, we aspire to provide the highest quality we can in everything we do.

The Dutchess is a statement. It stands for equality, that sailing can and should be for everyone regardless of age, gender or race. It stands for that sailing provides us with a profound sense of care and respect for the ocean and nature itself. It stands for an expression of a passion that permeates almost every aspect of life.  

"Sailing is not just a passion, it's a way of life"